The Whore of Babylon

Chapter 2

Life was never the same following that night. Cahol had broken a vow that they had all taken; I had committed the worst kind of betrayal to my best friend. I had found a love that most people will never find at the cost of driving my best friend away in the same action. I missed Aodac’s easy friendship and camaraderie, but I wasn’t going to obsess over it in my new found euphoria. Aodac was not quite so noble; he made scathing and crude comments to Cahol when I wasn’t with them. They were barely civil to each other when I wasn’t around. Aodac’s jealousy consumed him. I think it was the only thing he knew or thought about; however happiness does strange things to you. I turned a blind eye and a deaf ear his way. I wouldn’t even acknowledge his behavior. I had the lover I had pursued relentlessly for years and I had the gift of immortality; what more could I possibly want?

Making love to Cahol was like making love to an earthquake: it was always earth shattering, and the Richter scale shook every time. When dawn came every day we were far below the city streets in our dark lair wrapped around each other in fierce passion.

Aodac was the only one I knew who wasn’t happy. Even our other roommate Adam was happy. He had no problems with our love and happiness with each other. We were happy, so he was happy for us. Life was good… better than good, life was amazing. However, I guess true happiness isn’t meant to last; true happiness always pisses someone off and that person will do whatever they can to ruin it for you.

Nearly six weeks after my transformation I awoke to the skeletal mess of Cahol in my arms. His bony arms encircled me and I felt like I was trapped in a crypt. I smelled a familiar scent in our lair, and I wept bitter tears. My lover, my friend, my Master was dead. I vowed to avenge him; I vowed to get revenge for him.

I thought about my revenge for months. I plotted it. I planned it. In the immortal words of one who shall remain nameless, “I worked my plan, and I planned my work.” I wanted my prey to be killed slowly, a silent prisoner of his own mind. Then I remembered something that Aodac had told me The Council had said to him when they let him go. They had told him, “Make sure you stay away from the immortal world, because we will not do this for you again. You’ve been given a second chance at humanity; you will not be given a third.” Knowing what The Council had said, and knowing how Aodac felt about vampires was the key I needed to unlock the door to my revenge.

It would kill him to be a vampire again. He would become his own prisoner, trapped within his own skin. He would be in eternal torment; he would torture himself forever. He would be a prisoner of his own body, mind, and soul. He would die slowly. His mind would kill him membrane by micro-membrane. I would relish in his torment; his torture would be my very reason for existing.

I pretended that I knew nothing of Aodac’s murder of Cahol for weeks. My prey acted as normal as he could with the news of Cahol’s death. He pretended he didn’t know what had happened. How quickly the mortal mind forgets. A vampire’s nose can detect even the faintest of smells. He should have known that I would have smelt him in our lair, because he knew how acute that sense is. I vowed that I would not spoil my surprise for him if he was so blind by his own arrogance as to assume that I overlooked his scent that night.

I picked my night to exact my revenge. I crept up on my prey as he lay sleeping in his bed. I tied his hands and feet together as silently as it is possible to be. He awoke as I tried to gently pick him up. I stuffed a rag down his throat and dragged him to my lonely tortured lair. The trip knocked him out from a bump on the head. This will always be the home that I had shared with Cahol and it was befitting that I would exact Cahol’s vengeance in the place he died. I drank the blood of my prey as he lay unconscious and I let my own slide down his throat. My prey awoke as the pain hit his gut about two hours later. He tried to reach for his stomach only to realize that he was bound and tied. I knew that his stomach felt like it was being sliced with a spoon. I knew his pain, and I relished in it. I enjoyed every minute of it. I watched as my prey screamed in agony for twenty-three hours before he died. He awoke two hours later and saw me with his vampire eyes once again.

He started to cry, and looked dumbfounded. “Why?” Aodac said in a pained voice.

I answered him in a voice scathing with venom. “Because, you killed my Master! You killed Cahol!” I pointed my finger at him.

He shook his head, “No, I didn’t.”

“How quickly the mortal mind forgets! I could smell you here, when I woke up wrapped around his skeleton! Your scent was here! Don’t deny it again. I warn you.”

“Why would I have killed Cahol?”

“Because, you wanted me for yourself! You’ve always wanted me! I know good and damn well it’s the truth. Do you deny it?”

“I don’t deny it, but I didn’t kill him!”

“Deny it again, and I will let you rot in your once again vampire body for eternity. I know you did it! I smelled you here! You will live forever in you vampire body, a prisoner of your own actions!” I lowered my tone, almost to a whisper, “But if you confess to me and tell me the truth, I will kill you now, and save you the pain of living in this immortal body. Tell me, did you kill Cahol?”

The proof was all over his face. The guilt behind his eyes shone with a bright light. I knew it. I just wanted to hear him say it, because then he couldn’t deny it to himself anymore, and he wouldn’t be able to justify it in his own mind. I wanted him to confess that he killed Cahol. I wanted him to drown in self pity and remorse over his brutal murder of man that I loved.

He hung his head down and started weeping. He cried forever. “Yes. I killed him.” He said in a weak and wispy voice. “I was so jealous of him, and you, but I couldn’t kill you. I could never kill you. I loved you too much. I still love you. But, I could kill him, and I did. But, it did not drown my pain, and my sorrow like I thought it would. I still hurt, because you never came to me.”

“And because of your actions Aodac, I never will. Enjoy your eternity.” I turned on my heel, and walked away. Aodac started screaming trying to get me to kill him, to keep my promise, but I think he deserves his infinite suffering.


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