The Whore of Babylon

Chapter 1

I was a beautiful girl, and I knew it. My blonde hair was long, the color of spun gold. My eyes were the bluest blue of them all, and more wild than the Pacific and all its wonders. I was tall and trim. My angels’ face and petite frame belied the truth hidden within.

I grew up living with three men who found me as a small orphan and raised me as their own. I suppose this is where my story begins. While these men gave me a home and raised me in brotherly love, they were not normal men. These men were vampires. At least, two of them were vampires. The third man was as moral and human as I was.

The first of my three saviors was named Adam. Adam was a short pudgy man with rusty hair and greenish eyes. The second was named Cahol McDum. Cahol was a tall man with a lean muscular build, white blonde hair and silver eyes. The third was named Aodac Mendu. He was a tall man with a powerful and broad build. His hair was long and blacker than midnight. His eyes were as dark as his hair, and as empty as his soul.

As I grew I began to understand that Aodac despised the creature that he was, and his heart was bitter with resentment of himself and the one who had turned him. He despised himself. He despised vampires. He wore his hatred on his sleeve and never let anyone forget what immortality had cost him; however there really wasn’t much he could do about it. I mean, what do you do to get rid of the vampire in a vampire? Centuries passed for him in this stasis of hatred and bitterness. He never wanted immortality, but he had it. His hatred grew with each passing year. And, two months ago he had simply vanished from our lives and we all thought him dead.

It had been hard for me to fathom the idea that the man who had raised me and become my best friend was simply gone from my life. It was difficult to believe that I would never see him again.

Yet, as they say, life goes on. Life doesn’t stop because your heart is heavy with the burden of loss. I carried on with the pieces of my life that were left empty with Aodac’s absence and continued to live. We all did. We all felt his absence; though none of us would acknowledge the hole in our lives.

I spent my days wandering the streets of our neighborhood. We lived in a run down part of town by choice. The streets were in bad need of repaving; the sidewalks were cracked and corroded. Buildings were starting to fall down due to breaking foundations. Graffiti was everywhere you looked. Gangs ruled the streets. It was a place where people kept their eyes down as they walked. They didn’t look too closely or ask questions when they saw something they would rather not have seen.

I let the streets bleed away my pain. Often times I found myself wandering in the park seeking I knew not what. On this particular day two months after Aodac had gone I found myself in the park wandering aimlessly around in circles. I heard my name called from behind me, and as I turned I froze in shock as I saw Aodac in the park stumbling toward me. I couldn’t understand how it was that he was walking in the sun and it wasn’t burning him. Vampires cannot live in sunlight. I was frozen in shock. How could it have been Aodac if this man was in the sun?

“Francesca…” The man croaked in a voice that sounded as if it were fractured, as he reached toward me.

“Aodac…?” I asked in bewilderment. “Aodac, is that you?”

“Francesca…” He said again as he reached me and threw his arms around me in a vice grip hug. “I’ve missed you, Francesca.” He crooned into my hair.

“Oh, Aodac… I’ve missed you too!” I cried into his chest. “Where have you been? How are you out here in the middle of the day?” I begged answers.

“Not here. Take me home.” He pleaded.

He looked weak. He could barely walk, and I wondered where I would find the strength to get him home on my own. The walk seemed endless with his weight bearing down on me, and I struggled to lend him enough support to ensure that we both made it home. We walked in silence; I knew that I would find no answers here on the street. Only getting home would yield the answers to the questions that I burst to ask.

Some time later, Aodac and I walked through the door and one of my other “brothers” was there in the front foyer. Cahol looked at Aodac with wide eyes full of surprise.

I had not thought of Cahol as a brother in a long time. I thought of him as a lover. I was always flirting with him. I wanted him so bad I could taste it. I never stopped my pursuit. Cahol had no interest in me that way; he tolerated me for Aodac’s sake, and no other reason. In turn, Aodac wanted me, and it was I who rebuffed his advances. For me, all I could see was Cahol and the life with him that I so desperately desired. Our lives were a complicated triangle of wanting and unclaimed love. It was a precarious balance, and though I was elated that Aodac was not dead, I knew that by his return our lives would again be that complicated and precarious balance of neutrality.

“Hi, baby. Wanna come up to my room and put me to bed?” I asked in my most sensual voice which sounded like the soft caress of velvet.

He looked me straight in the eye, but instead of answering me, he addressed Aodac. “Where have you been? We’ve been trying to find you for weeks. We’d given you up for dead.” The sound of his rich tenor voice always shook me to the core of my body, creating an almost orgasmic wave over me. It was addictive.

Aodac looked at him and answered. “I was taken by The Council.” That statement ended the entire conversation, and Aodac turned away leading me toward the stairs.

The Council was rumored to be a group of vampires that were the oldest and most powerful vampires alive. And while there were stories of these vampires almost no vampire alive had ever met them. Most didn’t even believe they existed.

I looked back at Cahol as he watched us climb the stairs to the upper floor, and called to him, “See you at dinner, my love.” He nodded in acknowledgment as Aodac dragged me into the library.

* * *
Aodac threw me into the library by my arm, and as I turned around, the door slammed shut behind us. He rounded on me with fury in his eyes.

“My love?” He sneered the question at me. “You certainly didn’t waste any time taking that traitorous snake into your bed when I was gone…” He accused me with what looked to be the brink of madness in his eyes.

“Oh, get over it will ya.” I snapped at him, harshly. “You know that Cahol and I are not lovers. We never will be lovers.” I spat at him in my own contempt.

“How do you suppose I actually know that? I haven’t been here! It’s quite likely you both figured I was gone and that you were entitled to it!” Aodac accused me again.

“How can I be Cahol’s lover when he hates me?” I spat viciously. “You know he hates me. He only tolerates me still living here because of you and your petty infatuation! Why, if you hadn’t had come back soon he would have thrown me out again within the month! And, you know it!” I retorted in a scathing voice.

“I am not infatuated, you petty little bitch!” Aodac screamed at me in disgust.

“Yes, you are… always following me around like a puppy, stuck up my ass without letting me live my own life! I can’t even have a man I don’t want much less the one I do want, because of you!” I screamed as I pointed my finger at him in accusation.

“He’s a vampire, Francesca. You can’t.” He said in exasperation or frustration. I couldn’t tell which, though maybe it was a bit of both.

“Ugh, why not!?” I stomped my foot in irritation.

“We told you why. Vampire/human relationships never end well. We all love you. Being with a vampire would only destroy you in the end.” Aodac whispered in what sounded like harsh despair. “Why do you think we all promised never to go there? Why do you think we all promised never to touch you?”

“Jealousy.” I spat at him in disgust. “Jealousy is why you all deny me what I want.”

“Jealousy?” Aodac asked with scathing sarcasm laced in his voice.

“Yes, jealousy.” I said matter of factly.

“Jealousy of what?” Aodac bit at me.

“Oh don’t play dumb with me, Aodac. Look how you reacted at the words ‘my love’… You are the most jealous person I know. You swore me off, but no one else can have me either!” I screamed at him.

“Don’t flatter yourself.” He spat back at me.

“You know it’s true, Aodac. You know it! You all deny me what I want to keep yourselves from being jealous of each other. It’s my choice!” I yelled back at him.

“Your choice to die? We won’t let you!” Aodac said with madness in his eyes again.

“Won’t let me? It’s not your choice! It’s mine!” I screamed again.

“No. It’s not your choice. It’s ours! And, we all chose not to!” Aodac said in a quiet and final tone.

“It’s not your choice anymore!” I screamed at him. “You aren’t a vampire!” I spat in contempt.

“What did you say?” He barked in shock.

“Oh, don’t try to deny it. You aren’t a vampire anymore. If you were, there would have been no way you could have been in that park without dying!” I screamed at him.

Aodac reached back and smacked me across my face.

Tears of anger and frustration began to well at the corners of my eyes, and I ran past him, out of the library and into my room where I threw myself onto the bed and cried.

Moments later I heard a light knock at the door.

“What?” I yelled out.

My door opened a sliver and my third “brother” Adam poked his head in.

“Are you ok?” he asked me. His concern was genuine. It always was. Of the three men who raised me and cared for me, Adam was the only one I truly thought of as a brother. He was the only one that didn’t covet me or hate me.

“Oh, Adam,” I cried. “Aodac finally comes back only to hate me.”

“Nonsense.” Adam said in a soothing tone as he stepped into my room and came to sit on the bed.

I buried my head in his lap as I continued to cry.

“It’s not nonsense. He got so angry over nothing and accused me of sleeping with Cahol and then he hit me!” I wailed.

“Shhh… He didn’t mean it.” Adam said, as he stroked my hair in a calming gesture. “You know he didn’t mean it.”

“Yes he did. He’s always been jealous of my feelings for Cahol, but he never hit me before.”

“Don’t worry about it. He feels really bad right now. Just let him cool off and he’ll come back and beg forgiveness, Francesca.” Adam crooned as he hugged me.

We stayed there for a while in complete silence. My head rested in Adam’s lap and his arm was wrapped around me. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t figure out what had gone so wrong that day. I should have been happy. It should have been a happy day, because Aodac had come home. But, it wasn’t a happy day. The day had turned miserable as soon as Aodac had let his jealously flare up over simply nothing. The sting of his slap still echoed on my face and in my mind. That was the first time I had ever felt the sting of betrayal from a hand that I never thought would hurt me.

It was much later when I finally lifted my head to Adam and told him I was hungry.

“Come on, little sister; let’s go see if we can find us some dinner.” Adam said in a light tone that was meant to joke and tease.

“Sounds like a good idea.” I said in the same light joking tone.

We emerged from my room, and went down toward the dining room where dinner was waiting for us.

Aodac looked up sharply as we entered the dining room. His face looked stricken, as if he was in some physical pain.

He walked over to me, and fell to his knees as he took my hands in his and cried “Please forgive me. I didn’t mean to hit you. I was just so angry, I wasn’t thinking. Please forgive me, love.”

“It’s ok, Aodac. I know you didn’t mean it.” I said gently to ease his guilt.

“No, it isn’t ok. I shouldn’t have done that, no matter how mad I was.” He said wallowing in his own anguish.

“Let it go.” I said gently. “And, let’s eat. I’m hungry.” I said, in a light tone to cajole him out of his black mood.

The three of us sat down at the table and I looked to the one empty place next to me with a quiet heaviness in my heart. Cahol still hadn’t come down. He preferred to spend his days far away from me, so he was usually late. It was a pain that stuck in my side and hurt that no matter how hard I tried I would never be more to Cahol than an irritation he must endure because Aodac couldn’t bear to have me leave. Cahol hadn’t wanted me here in a long time, and sometimes it felt as if I would suffocate in this house where I was both loved and hated in equal measures by two of the men who had raised me. I knew that I was a cause of great animosity between them, and it hurt to know that there was nothing I could do to heal that rift in their friendship.

Despite all that, I knew Cahol had a curious nature. I knew that he had not spoken to Aodac since we had come home, and if nothing else, he would turn up just to find out what truly happened to him. He didn’t make us wait long. Cahol entered the dining room with predatory grace; my head snapped up to meet his glance and I smiled. No matter how much Cahol hated me, I couldn’t bring myself to hate him back. I loved him. Cahol did not acknowledge my smile as he turned his gaze from me and turned it toward Aodac as he took his place at the table.

Contrary to popular mythologies, vampires eat normal food in addition to drinking blood. They need the enzymes in a person’s blood to feed their dead blood life; otherwise they wouldn’t drink it.

With Cahol’s attention fixed solely on Aodac he said “What happened to you? What did you do to get taken by The Council?”

Aodac looked decidedly at Cahol for a long moment before answering. “Well,…” he said on a long breathe, “you know that in the last few years I’ve grown a bit careless.” Aodac paused for a moment as he drew a deep breath and sighed in hindsight. “That last night I saw you, we had a horrible fight and…”

I hadn’t known that Cahol and Aodac had fought that night. I cut him off mid-word. “Wait, what…?” I broke in. “What did you fight about?” I demanded.

“Silence.” Cahol snapped at me.

I whipped my head toward Cahol and shrunk beneath his harsh stare. I turned my eyes toward Aodac, but he didn’t even look at me.

Aodac continued as if I had never interrupted him. “I left to hunt on my own. I was still angry and I wasn’t cautious with the hunt. The Council surrounded me as I was feeding in the park, and said that I was a threat. They arrested me and took me to their lair. When we got there the leader of The Council gazed at me and intoned in a voice I can only describe as chilling that I could not be allowed to continue in my destruction. The entire Council surrounded me like statues as they all voiced their opinions of my actions these last few years.”

It was Cahol who interrupted Aodac this time. “How did they know?” He asked.

“They are near but far, outside of us but part at the same time. They watch.” Aodac said. Cahol didn’t respond; he only looked troubled. “They continued their endless debate for days. I was going crazy just listening to them debate my life as if I wasn’t even there. Finally, I just shouted out ‘shut up’ and they all froze and looked right at me.

I said to them ‘Here you stand debating my life and actions without even giving me a chance to speak for myself.’, and they all looked to the leader who looked at me and bade me speak.

‘I became a vampire three hundred years ago.’ I said to them. ‘I was turned by a wonton bitch against my will. She seduced me as a man, and as I slept in her bed she bite me. I didn’t want to be this thing that I am. I didn’t want this life. Nights became years and years became centuries and nothing changed. Then some years ago I took in a hapless child off the street and raised her. I gave her a home. I watched her grow. And, as much as I would like to be with her in maturity, I can’t for the thing I am. You debate me, my life. You judge me for my actions, yet do not understand why I am what I am. I just want to be a man; not this thing I became.’

The Council all looked around at each other and then to their leader, who looked into my eyes and it felt like he was looking right through me to my heart. He asked me ‘What would you do if it were possible for you to be nothing more than a man again?’

I looked at him with a mystified look on my face and ask him, ‘How would that be possible?’

‘We are the origin of your affliction.’ He intoned as he raised his hand to me. ‘As we are the origin we are also the cure. We can make you a man again. But be warned, we do not offer this twice.’

‘I shouldn’t need it twice, should I?’ I asked him.

‘What would happen if you were turned again in mans’ second incarnation?’ the leader asked me. ‘Do you think you would need it again?’

‘I see your point.’ I said to him.

‘We offer this once if the cause be just. We do not offer it a second time.’ He repeated.

‘I’ll never need it again. I would have my life back.’ I said to him.

‘Be warned, the process is painful and you will suffer greatly to attain your hearts’ desire.’ The leader said to me.

‘I don’t care. Whatever the cost, I’ll pay it.’ I said.

‘So be it.’ He decreed.

I was brought deeper within their lair, indeed to the very heart of it. Chained to a table with locks I could not break, I received their cure. Cure, indeed. What they called a cure was little more than baseless torture. It had been three hundred years since I had felt physical pain, and then my entire world was awash in it. I writhed in agony for what seemed an eternity upon that table. It seemed the very fibers that make up my body were coming alive again and every nerve ending within me stood to attention and fired electric bursts into me. Indeed, my body was aflame, and burned from the inside out. I do not know how long it lasted. It could have been an eternity; it could have been a day. My mind finally shut down and I passed out from the physical endurement of pain. I do not know how long I slept, but when I awoke this afternoon I was in the park where they had taken me. I felt the sun’s heat on my skin for the first time in centuries and I lay in the grass and dirt crying. I do not know how long I was there, but as I pushed myself up to come here Francesca found me and brought me home.”

“What do you mean they cured you?” Cahol asked in wonderment.

“I mean that I am a man. I am not like you anymore.” Aodac replied.

Cahol stared at Aodac for a moment, and then leaving his chair he was beside Aodac in an instant and looking at his teeth.

“No fangs.” Cahol whispered in shock. I saw Cahol’s lip curl in a sneer, and I saw as the disgust masked his face. “What a pity.” Cahol crooned as he caressed Aodac’s face with a long nail. With those words hanging in the air like the shriek of an owl, he picked his dinner up and in two vast strides had left the room.

I sat there for a moment astounded at Cahol’s reaction as I followed him with my eyes. I couldn’t just sit there watching Cahol walk out. It felt like he was walking out on me. It felt like he was leaving me behind, and I ran after him as soon as the door had slammed shut behind him.

I found Cahol in the adjacent hall. “Cahol, please come back!” I begged. “Please don’t leave me here alone! If you don’t come back, I’ll follow you wherever you go! I can’t stand to be here without you!” Pushy bitch, aren’t I?

I would have followed Cahol into the depths of hell if that was where he wanted to go. I knew that one day I would break his resolve to never touch me. Cahol may have promised Aodac a long time ago that he would never touch me; however I made no such promise to any of them. They all watched me grow from an orphan on the streets into a beautiful woman, and they all wanted to act on natural attraction; however when they all vowed to leave me be, Cahol’s warmness to the girl I was turned to cold and icy hatred. Our easy camaraderie was gone and I became more of an irritation to him than a friend. It had been that way for two years, since I was seventeen. I wanted my friend back. I wanted him for a lover. I just wanted him. One day he was a friend that loved me and the next day I was an annoyance he couldn’t stand. I could not stand that.

I moved up to him, getting real close, so close I could feel his breath on me. I knocked his plate out of his hand, and it clattered to the floor.

“What did you do that for, Francesca?” he snapped at me with irritation in his voice.

“So that I can do this………” I told him, reaching up on my tippy toes to trace my tongue from the tip of his chin to the fullness of his lips. I kissed him then, hungrily. He grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me away; there was an intense look of pain in his eyes as he warred with himself.

“Stop it.” He said, almost as a plea. “Can’t you see what this is doing to me, what you are doing to me? Can’t you see how much it hurts me to stay away from you?” There was a touch of madness in his eyes; all it needed was to be brushed away.

“Then don’t.” I said quietly, as I stepped back and looked into his eyes.

“What?” He asked me in a deathly fierce voice.

“Don’t stay away from me.” I said as I wrapped my arms around him once more and leaned into him. “Don’t stay away.” I said in a faint whisper as I clung to him.

He caught me in his arms, wrapped them firmly around me. “You bewitched me so many years ago; I have wanted you for so long. Why did you push me? Why didn’t you just leave it as it was?”

“Because, I have wanted you too, my beloved.”

“This is torture. To hell with the pact we made.” He said in a pained snarl.

He kissed me then, deeply, hungrily, in a devouring embrace. He kissed me more deeply than I have ever been kissed. The hunger of that kiss was from an almost ancient longing; a longing that we both felt.

I jumped onto his tall wiry body, and he carried us to his room and then to his bed. He stripped my clothes off of me… more like ripped them off of me. Then he tore his own clothes off, and our bodies entwined into each other. His lean wiry body fit perfectly next to mine. We fit together like gloves fit on your hand. He and I ravished each other. Our sex was all encompassing. He was the only thing that existed to me. We were entwined for hours fulfilling our need for each other. Why was it so wrong for us to want something that felt so right?

I knew that he was a vampire, and I didn’t give a damn. I wanted him to have all of me. I wanted to be his in every way that it was possible to be his. In the heat of our passion I offered him my very life. And, as his lips touched my neck so too did his teeth sink into my flesh. He fed deeply. With each breath I felt him consume my life. Then he bit his own wrist and fed me his very essence.

Several hours later we still lay next to each other; my fingers were wrapped in his hair slowly stroking his head. “You are the only one I have ever loved.” I said to him in a barely audible whisper.

He wrapped his arm tightly around me and leaned down to embrace me in a passionate kiss. His majestic tenor voice caressed me with is words, “As I have always loved you; though I was bound by my vow to never touch you.”

I lifted my hand to the bite marks on my neck and felt an all encompassing feeling of elation. I knew that Cahol had granted me the most forbidden of all desires; Cahol had given me immortality. The thought of spending eternity with Cahol was pure joy in my heart.

However, it was inevitable that my bliss had to end that night.

I started to get light-headed, disillusioned; it didn’t even feel like my head was still attached to my body. Cahol told me what to do to make the transition easier for me, though he did not want me to leave him so soon after finally giving in to himself; however there was a point where he reluctantly held me closer and kissed my forehead before he looked down at me and said, “Come.” As he pulled me into his arms and brought me to a hot bath. He gently set me down in the water and with tenderness in his touch he bathed me.

The bath became more fiery foreplay for us, and when we turned the shower on to rinse off we had sex again and again. It was as if we were addicted to each other already and no amount of sex would ever quench the thirst we had for each other. Our passion for each other could only grow beyond us, not diminish. I never wanted to leave his side. However, at that moment reason won out over passion as I succumbed to the fever raging in my head. Cahol lifted me into his arms and took me to my room where he lay me gently down in my bed. He brushed a stray lock of hair out of my eyes, kissed me on my forehead and told me to sleep.

I feel I should clear up another misconception about popular vampire mythologies; unlike what you see in the movies, once you have drunk vampire blood it works really slowly inside the human body. It can take anywhere from six to twenty-four hours to transform you, depending on how large your body is, and that’s not all. The blood will make you confused, feverish, etcetera; it’s almost like the flu only worse. As I was laid in bed that night I felt like I had the flu, and I couldn’t keep a thought in my head. All I was sure of was that Cahol loved me.

I had wanted Cahol for years. I had desired him beyond all imagining. However, Aodac, Cahol, and my third roommate-brother, Adam, had all vowed that none of them would attempt to have a romantic relationship with me; they vowed to always remain my brothers. I pursued Cahol relentlessly for years out of hurt. One day he had been my best friend and the next day he resented my presence anywhere near him. After a long time of that attitude I finally figured that he was trying to push me away because he was ashamed of what he felt for me that wasn’t brotherly.

I had been half right about that. In all of that time when I had wanted my friend in Cahol back, he had wanted me back as well; however he had let fear dictate to him what he was willing to do. Cahol feared that once he had me in his arms he would drink from me, and I would either be appalled by what he did or he would accidentally kill me. He told me once that he had never cared about that stupid promise he made to Aodac and Adam. He had never wanted to make it. He had kept his distance from me up to that point by refusing to admit to himself that he wanted me; however he was beyond such a simple denial to himself now. In that moment he was mine, and I would never let go.

Sometime during the night the fever in my head pitched and I awoke from a troubled sleep; my entire body was a gigantic burning flame. I was burning within my own skin. There was nothing but pain, pain, and more pain. It was a pain unlike any other I had ever felt.

I started to scream. I felt a searing agony in my gut. My abdomen was a million knives and needles slicing and sticking me all at once. I woke Aodac up with my screaming, and he ran into my room. He ran to me, pulling me into his arms. He saw my neck, and immediately he knew what had happened. He pushed me away and turned to leave. I knew he was going to hunt down Cahol, but I grabbed his hand and stopped him. I tried to tell him that it was my fault, that I the one who had instigated what had happened between Cahol and me, but I couldn’t get the words out. It was hard to talk through the spasms of pain, and he understood that all too well. After all, he had at one time gone through it himself.

My skin was glistening through a layer of sweat, and my mind reeled in a fire that cut threw me harder and sharper than any sword ever could. Aodac sat on the edge of my bed and held me to him in a fretful way. As much as he may have wanted to help me, there was really nothing he could do. He gave up trying to help me and he just held me as I screamed in agony even as his own was written on his face.

Cahol came into my room a heartbeat later. “I heard her scream, and I knew it was time.” He said, as if nothing were wrong.

“What did you do to her?” Aodac screamed, as he saw Cahol and flew into a murderous rage. I had only seen Aodac like that twice in my life, and it scared me now more then it had ever scared me before.

“I did nothing that she did not want me to do.” Cahol spat back at Aodac in disgust.

“Why?” Aodac begged, tears gleaming in the corner of his eyes. “Why her? Why now?”

“Aodac, you know why. I love her. She loves me. She wanted me to, and...” Cahol started to say. Aodac wasn’t listening.

He gave into his rage and charged towards Cahol. Aodac plowed him in the chest even as Cahol continued to try and explain. “I couldn’t fight… it… anymore, Aod…ac. I fell… into a… moment… of weak…ness…” Cahol grunted as Aodac was choking him. Aodac didn’t want to hear him. He tried to turn a deaf ear on Cahol and continue in his quest to drown his anger, but Aodac very knew well that Cahol was right. I had asked Aodac for years to change me, but he never would feed off of me. More than likely it was for the same reasons Cahol had denied me for so long… a fear in the conscious part of his mind that he would loose his self-control when he drank from me, and he was mad because I finally got what I had wanted, even coveted for years, but he wasn’t the one who had given it to me.

See, everything changed after my roommates all made their vow to leave me untouched. Cahol reacted to that vow by shunning me and withdrawing from even our friendship. Aodac reacted to it by becoming overbearingly protective of me and became increasingly jealous of anyone I ever showed any interest in. While Aodac wanted me he knew he couldn’t have me, and even if he could have found a way to have me, he didn’t want me to suffer eternal torment like him, or worse yet, with him. It made no difference to him that I wanted to be a vampire. I had told them over and over again that I wanted this; they just wouldn’t listen to me. Aodac had thought that I might be with him once he was human again, but he was blind. I was never happy being human; he was never happy as a vampire. His hopes were doomed before they could ever bloom into a reality. He just didn’t see it, or didn’t want to. However, it made no difference in the end. What happened happened, and there is no changing the past.

I pushed myself up off of the bed as I tried to scream at them both to stop. The word came out as little more than a whisper. They either didn’t hear me or they just chose to ignore me. I pushed myself up from the bed as I clutched my flaming abdomen. “St-op!” I gritted through clenched teeth as my body was racked with another spasm of agony and I crumbled onto the floor.

Finally! It took me falling on my face in a pathetic heap of pain to get them to stop their asinine behavior. They rushed to me and helped me back onto the bed. Both of them stayed with me through the night. They both held me through the pain and whispered soothing words to me; however the pain was so intense that I hardly noticed them. I was consumed by the searing yank and pull and twist in my gut that seemed to go on forever. It lasted an eternity, and just when I felt that I couldn’t take it anymore it began to subside. Millimeter by agonizing millimeter the pain slowly began to diminish until finally it had completely faded away.

At last! Near day break, the pain stopped and I drew my last human breath. Cahol picked me up, and carried me to a dark place far underground, beneath the basement of the house, where I woke up in his arms. His wiry body was pressed tightly to mine, and I was wrapped in his protective cocoon. I looked around, and asked Cahol what this place was.

He told me something that I had never known before, “We are in a vampire’s lair. This is where we go to too wait out the sunlight. Where we’re in the cover of darkness. Aodac and I have used this lair for centuries. Didn’t you ever wonder where Aodac and I disappeared to every day?”

“I never really thought about it.” I said to him, as I wrapped myself around him more tightly. Cahol had laid me down on a normal bed, much like my old one, and I fell asleep in his arms, far below the city, and chaos, and the hatred that awaited us at the dawn of darkness.


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