Countless moons have turned
Endless days gone by
Silently dying inside
Infinite stream of tears as I cry.

Searching for a truth
I could not find
Ceaseless study
Solace in expanding my mind

In pursuit of knowledge
Of the wrong kind
I should have been searching
Where my heart had no bind

Truth inside
Denied in my heart
Shunned truth in my soul
Denial became an art

My Goddess, You stepped in
Led me into Your radiant light
Answered my prayers
Held truth to my sight

I feel something within me stir
Begin to wake
Eternity of emotions erupt inside
So overpowering I begin to shake

Opening my heart to truth
Filling me inside with You
My soul rejoices
In Your endless sky of blue

Alone I walk no more
For I know She is there
No more will I ask
At last I know You care

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