A Love That Will Never Be

When I look at you,
Your face shines so bright.
When I look at me,
I am reminded of a love that will never be.
Your eyes are full of innocents.
Your smile so bright.
Your heart so pure.
Your thoughts are so peaceful.
I was once that way.
Until my life changed forever.
Now I am sinister,
And my thoughts are full of blood.
Never be like me.
Never know what I am.
A love that will never be.

If you come to me,
The blood will stain your perfect lips.
My touch will tarnish your pale complexion.
You will become like me:
A dark figure of the night.
Cloaked in darkness,
And hidden in the shadows.
Your life will alter forever.
And, you will not allow it.
A love that will never be.

Never come to me,
Never know what I am.
I will scare you off.
And never tell you what I want.
I want you!
Now and forever!
But I will never have you,
Because you can not come to me.
I will be here in loneliness, forever.
Our love will never be.
Because you won't allow it.
Will you?
Because of you,
This love can never be.

Come to me then,
If that is your wish.
Then you will know me.
Then you will know what I am.
You will know how I am.
How I live.
How I became what I am.
And if you wish,
I will make you love me, too.
And this love will be!

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