All I Have

Great God above
Full of mercy, grace, and love
I come before you humbled and broken inside
To beg mercy for a soul in pain.
I have been told Iím worthless
Treated even worse.
Been told I donít matter
Nothing about me ever would.
Iíve been hurt
Ripped apart inside.
Endless cycle of shattered trust.

I was done,
Through with it all.
I wasnít looking
When one stepped in
To erase the past.
Told me I was special
Beautiful, intelligent, and bright.
Told me what I longed to hear for endless nights.
I fell in love
More completely than I ever have before.
I fell so deeply,
My eyes finally open; I can truly see.
He opened my mind to a new way of thinking
Guided me to mercy and grace
Led me to a place
Where my past was washed away
And for the first time in my life
I believed I had found my lifelong love.
I believed in forever.

Drifted apart over months of time
I tried to deny the signs
I donít exist anymore.
Nothing beautiful about me
Nothing special to see.
I canít deny the signs of loss inside
I let him go.
Sacrificed to a greater calling
Told me not to turn my back on You.
Lord, How can I turn my back to You
When You are all I have left to hold on to?

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