All Alone

Am I all alone,

In this world that I know?
Do I live each day,
With no one other than me?
Am I all alone,

Deep inside my soul?
Or is there someone there with me?
Each night as I lay down to sleep?
Even though I am held, and his to keep?
Am I all alone,

Each day on this wide open plain?
Is that why I find it so hard to stay sane?
No matter where I stay?
Even though it is with him I lay?
Am I all alone,

Once upon a time?
Or is that the sound of a sigh through a wind chime?
When I am left with no support?
And only the comfort of a sharp retort?
Am I all alone,

And left with only my burdens to bear?
And no one there to care?
Facing this world with only me?
Or is it possible there is another yet to be?
Am I all alone,

Everyday as I walk through life?
Is this the pain you feel when your heart is sliced with a knife?
Each day I live?
Is there nothing left of me to give?
Am I all alone,

Living each moment on my own?
Why is it with you another harsh tone?
When I am surrounded by people who claim to love?
Even when I hear the cry of a dove?
Am I all alone,

Left in my own isolation?
Living inside of my own desolation?
Is there nothing else?
Only the sound of my tears to an empty room?
Am I all alone,

And is this the end?
Just because I never learned how to bend?
Am I all alone,

Is pain all I will ever know?
I guess it's true what they say,
You reap what you sow.
Am I all alone,

Will I ever truly know you?
Will I ever find my way back to you?
And not feel like this is deja vu?
Am I all alone,

And faced with life without you?
Am I all alone?

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