A Hopeless Dream

You stole my heart, as you did everyone.
Not many can walk in the light of the sun.
You are what most aspire to one day be;
You are what most of the world want to have.
Well baby, so do I; I am no exception.
You may not want me, although amore it's plain to see,
You're all I want. You're all I need. You're all I see.
I dream about you; I long for you.
I desire you most in life. Baby, one day come to me,
And be mine. I would fall at your feet any day of the week,
Any week of the year, any year of the centuries to come.
You are my almost heaven; you are my shining star.
And in seven days and nights,
I could never make you mine.
Though I must say, it would be fun to try.
Although I know I can never have you, I still want you.
That will never change. That one simple fact,
Can not stop the beating of my heart,
Or the flutter in my soul I feel whenever I look into your eyes.
It's a hopeless dream you will always be in,
And a dreadful fantasy you will never fulfill within.
I am empty; I am hollow.
And I will always be this way.
Tu, mio tesoro amore, will always be with me,
But I will have to learn how to be without you.

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