Valdearg's Song
-The Fires of Merlin
By: T.A. Barron

When Valdearg's eye opens,
Too many shall close:
The darkest of days brings
The deepest of woes.
Together with terror
That swells into pain,
Disaster shall follow
His waking again.

By anger unending
And power unmatched,
The dragon avenges
His dreams yet unhatched.
For when he awakens
To find those dreams lost,
Revenge shall he covet
Regardless the cost.

Lo! Nothing can stop him
Except for one foe
Descended from enemies
Fought long ago.
In terrible battle
They fight to the last,
Reliving the furor
And rage of the past.

Yet neither opponent
Shall truly prevail.
The enemies' efforts
All finally fail.
Though striving to vanquish,
They perish instead:
The dragon's eye closes,
His enemy dead.

Then air becomes water
And water is fire;
Both enemies fall to
A power still higher.
Thus only when elements
Suddenly merge
Shall end the dragon,
Shall end the scourge.

1998, T.A. Barron

Note: I had to give this poem found in the T.A. Barron novel The Fires of Merlin a title so I could put it on my web page with a link to it. There will be other poems on this page found in the T.A. Barron series about Merlin, and all will have a simple title reflected in the poem. These are titles I have given the work, and in no way reflect T.A. Barron.