The force by which we are all governed.
That one inescapable controlling factor of our lives, which cannot be denied.
Would that I had more time.
Time to be with someone who truly cares.
Time to watch the sun rise in her eyes, and set on her velvet skin.
Time to see her mature gracefully as the years pass by.
Time to hear her harsh words falling on my repentant ears.
Would that time would stand still,
As she looks down into my loving eyes from the heights of her ecstasy.
Knowing it is in her star-crossed eyes and smile of passion,
That my existence is proven worthwhile.
The very meaning of my life contained within her heavy sighs.
Would that there were more time.
Time to reminisce about our lives together.
To remember all the pleasant moments along with those bitter, angry words.
To share once more the throws of passion, conceived in love.
Just once more to whisper those three little words………….
Would that time would end soon.
And release me from this dark torment that has become my only realization.
Let me sail off into the black nothingness that is not, yet is there before me.
Allow me to be rid of the memories of her tender face.
And cease these endless tears which cloud even the darkness from my eyes.

Only in Time………….