Unending Curse
- The Seven Songs of Merlin
By: T.A. Barron

Life's unending curse:
It could be far worse!
Yet I'm full of glee.
None gladder than me.

Though death fills the air,
I do not despair.
It could be far worse:
Life's unending curse.

Be merry! You see,
Far worse it could be.
So much worse than now!
Just… don't ask me how.

© 1997, T.A. Barron

Note: I had to give this poem found in the T.A. Barron novel The Seven Songs of Merlin a title so I could put it on my web page with a link to it. There will be other poems on this page found in the T.A. Barron series about Merlin, and all will have a simple title reflected in the poem. These are titles I have given the work, and in no way reflect T.A. Barron.